More Information released on The Pedophile History Teacher

According to the affidavit released, Peabody-Burns High School teacher Christopher Young was having sexual relations with two of his students at the same time. He exchanged naked pictures with these girls, gave one of them a promise ring, and spent alone time with both of them during school hours in the school building. The affidavit also revealed that Young had both of these girls spend the night at his house where they engaged in illegal drugs and sexual relations. The next day, Young drove both of the girls to school.

According to the affidavit, both girls willingly participated in sexual relations with Young. Both of the students had boyfriends, however, they devoted most of their affection towards their teacher. One of the girls even bragged about having sex with her History teacher over text message. One of the student’s father resisted allowing her daughter to be interviewed by the police, because he does not want her to live with the guilt of possibly putting Young behind bars. The father believes what Young did was wrong but does not believe he deserves to serve 20 years in prison.

Peabody-Burns High School administration observed footage of Young’s unacceptable behaviors at school by reviewing their video system. They discovered from the tapes that Young, on multiple occasions, would lock his classroom door, while alone with one of the female students he was having sexual relations with. They found he would be outside his classroom in the hallway while he was supposed to be teaching a class. They also noticed that Young and one of the female students he had relations with would often be together in an alcove in the hallway during school hours or she would be in his classroom alone with him when she should have been somewhere else in the school building


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